GR GREEN innovative, proprietary process produces the 1st truly manufactured-green synthetic roofing products that are flexible, and can be nailed without breaking.

With GR GREEN technology products are pliable and can easily be nailed.
Without GR GREEN technology products are brittle, break when bent and cannot be nailed.


GR Green's technology and process are unique, proprietary, proven and flexible. Without the use of any harsh raw materials or chemicals, using naturally abundant limestone and recycled plastic bottles and bags, GR produces exceptionally natural looking cedar shingles and slate tiles that are pliable and easy to install. It is this technological breakthrough in the production of synthetic composites that provides GR Green with an unmatched advantage in the market place.

Using their proprietary technology, GR Green has created two unprecedented carbon positive or neutral roofing products (GR Green Slate™ and GR Green Cedar™), by adopting a new 'Cradle to Cradle' manufacturing paradigm - a closed loop, product life cycle where nothing is wasted.

GR Green's patented technology makes GR Green Slate™ and GR Green Cedar™ not only easy to install and ecologically friendly, but also long lasting (50+ years), natural looking and economical, costing less than all natural and synthetic competitors in the market place.