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Made from recycled plastic and limestone, GR Green's products are not only the most eco-friendly roofing options in the market, they also beat the competition on cost, aesthetics and performance. Please refer to our Product Specifications and our Value statements

GR Green Slate - "Appalachian Grey"

GR Green Slate - "Blackcomb Grey"

slate black
GR Green Slate - "Seymour Black"
alternate profile
GR Green Slate - "Alternate Profile"

 Advantages of Owning a "GR GREEN" Roof:

  • Low cost: ½ the price of real slate and less than all other competitors.
  • Environmentally friendly: carbon positive or neutral.
  • 50 Year Warranty.
  • Looks like the real thing: does not look 'plastic'.
  • Long life: 50+ years.
  • Meets industry's highest testing standards: Fire Resistant, Waterproof.
  • No specialized installation required: can be nailed.
  • Maintenance free: will not discolour, curl or rot.
  • 100% recyclable: made into new roofs at the end of its life.
  • Natural: made from abundant limestone without harmful chemicals.
  • Reduces waste: Up-cycles milk bottles and plastic bags.
cedar grey
GR Green Cedar - "Weathered Grey"

cedar red
GR Green Cedar - "Reddish Brown"