About Us

Corporate Philosophy

'The Application of Responsible, Eco-friendly Manufacture'


'To manufacture and supply the best value 'Green' roofing & siding products in North America, from recycled & natural materials, with minimal environmental impact'.


GR Green is committed to offer quality, value, transparency and eco-responsibility to its customers. Over the past 4 years GR GREEN has been focused on the development and production of the highest quality, eco-friendly synthetic roofing materials on the market today. From their prototype plant in Burnaby, BC, GR GREEN is currently producing show home roofs. Launching into full-scale production of GR GREEN Cedar and GR GREEN Slate is planned for the summer of 2016.

Executive Summary

G.R. Green Building Products Inc. (GR Green) is a unique green-tech new venture in its tenth year of operation, well on its way to provide a solid and quick return to final investors. The company is home to an innovative technology and manufacturing process for the production of the most affordable 'green' synthetic building products for new construction and renovation markets.

GR Green's technology and process are unique, proprietary, proven and flexible. To date GR Green has created two unprecedented carbon positive or neutral roofing products, using recycled plastic (milk bottles and grocery bags) and limestone. It is this technological breakthrough in the production of synthetic composites that provides GR Green with an unmatched advantage in the market place. By adopting a new 'Cradle to Cradle' manufacturing paradigm - a closed loop, product life cycle where nothing is wasted - the company only increased its green market advantage.

GR Green's patented products are not only ecologically friendly, they are also long lasting (50+ years), easy to install, natural looking and cost less than all natural and synthetic competitors. After successful 3rd party testing conducted by the Quality Auditing Institute of Canada, according to Canadian Construction Materials Centre guidelines, GR Green products meet or exceed the Building Code and will be the 1st 'manufactured green' synthetic cedar and slate roofing products in Canada. Cradle to Cradle and LEED certifications are currently being sought.

GR Green's cutting edge technology is inexpensive to duplicate, allowing for quick market expansion and exponential company growth. GR Green's pilot plant, located in Burnaby, has one operational line that is presently in the last stages of upgrade to increase production to 300 roofs per year.

GR Green has a promising future. Given the growing consumer driven demand for 'green' products GR GREEN is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the rapidly growing 'green building' sector of the economy, and easily capture a 5% market share of the BC premium roofing material market. Fast company valuation and growth is expected through proliferation of company-owned plants, partnerships with established building products' companies or agreements to 'manufacture under license'.

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GR GREEN is lucky to have a team of dedicated directors, technical advisors and managers with over 25 years of experience in plastics, product-development, new venture start up and construction management. The company's Board of Directors consists of 6 investors:

Management Board of Directors
  • Geoff Wensel, P. Eng, MBA, President
    • 20 years in executive management of construction companies
    • Expert in “green” manufacture and product and green certifications
  • Natalia Bouvier, BA, Vice President, Marketing
    • 15 years in global marketing of Canadian building materials
    • Expert in strategic planning
  • Robert Suggitt, P. Eng, Advisor
    • 25 years in R & D of innovative products
    • Expert in plastics and composites
  • Russell Brink*, B. Com., L.L.B.
  • Geoff Wensel, P. Eng, MBA
  • Natalia Bouvier, B.A.
  • Ronald Wensel, M.D.
  • Kevin Young
  • Badr Abduljawad
    * Chairman

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